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Billy Graham Furniture

from concept to reality - built for you

Having a piece of furniture designed and made is not as difficult as you might think, the design can be your own, mine, or what is more often the case, is that we design it together. I doesn't matter if you can't draw or sketch, a simple scribble or a verbal description is all I need to get going. The whole point of having something custom made is that you will get exactly what you want, made to fit the space you have, and not something that is almost what you want. I will spend as much time as you like to get the drawings and design just right for you, It doesn't matter to me how long that takes, I can always sleep on your couch and we can continue the next day if you like. Maybe you saw something in a magazine or a book and you want something similar, or bigger, or smaller - I can do it for you. I will only proceed with your project once you are satisfied with the design.